Top 3 Feathered Feathers of Geopolitics – MindShift

Top 3 Feathered Feathers of Geopolitics – MindShift

Top 3 Feathered Feathers of Geopolitics – MindShift

We’ve all heard the adage that “If you can dream it, you can do it.” This adage definitely applies to learning new areas of interest and being able to handle new tasks in both our personal and professional lives.

Football is a great example of teaching a broad range of subjects in a short period of time. This is simply because you’re not just teaching one or two subjects, but rather the whole idea of football.

Here are three basic elements of the game of football that will probably make learning about geopolitics easy, and very fun.

Why Football

At the core of the game, football is about competition, strategy, skill, and teamwork. Football involves the use of mental, physical, and cognitive skills which can all be applied to learning.

Some of the game of football can be taught. Here are just a few examples of game-related ideas:

• Scoring a touchdown in the end zone is an important accomplishment. This can be taught through specific learning exercises: Example 1: research the data from this important play and figure out how you can achieve a goal in the same way. Example 2: The defense could only get three points. This is a teaching piece that will introduce students to information and encourage them to think about success and failure. Example 3: You could only change the direction of the ball after it’s crossed the goal line. You need to determine what this fact means and then work on implementing it into your life.

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• Having the offensive lineman on your team kick the ball away from your opponent for a quick score is fun. This is a great teaching concept because it will engage students in a unique activity that they can do over and over again. (Example 1)

• To your defense, see how they run a play and exactly what they do with the ball on the field. This may be part of your lessons on the first play of every quarter or your own spring game.

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Why Politics

Politics can be taught just like football. There are a number of different topics you can teach students:

• How to listen to opposing views: This will help students learn how to differentiate their own opinion from those of others. Example: Consider how you would feel about the other team’s actions if you were the opposing team. Example 2: A famous political scandal involved a president of the United States having an affair with his male personal assistant. (Example 1)

• Political figures: It can be a valuable way to start a discussion about what is going on with the United States at the moment. This will get students talking about current events and the USA in a more accessible way. (Example 1)

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• How it is possible to read people: It can be an effective way to explore which country people are thinking about or what their thoughts are. This could be part of your graduation requirements and help students gain greater insight into politics. (Example 1)

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