Out of the Test-Prep Pit Stop and into the Test-Worthy Movement

Out of the Test-Prep Pit Stop and into the Test-Worthy Movement

Out of the Test-Prep Pit Stop and into the Test-Worthy Movement

Are you a high school student interested in studying for your SAT and AP tests? What if you didn’t know how to prepare?

Have you heard about the “new” test-prep? It doesn’t seem like test-prep courses have changed much in the last decade. Sure, you can download the book your chapter will be studying from, but how do you prepare for the test itself? According to research, students should be spending four to six hours preparing for their SATs and/or AP exams. The how-to is often a four-to-six-hour ordeal that includes a grade-point average, answer sheets, and hands-on testing.

If you want to go beyond the traditional test-prep, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to go online and switch it up! A great way to learn more about effective test-taking methods is through a group site like MindShift Test Prep. This free site has open forums for questions about the SAT, APS, and other prep-exam courses.

MindShift – Test Prep is sponsored by an organization called ACT Inc., which currently sells high-school tests. The testing organization has three online test-prep options: The American Institutes for Research Test Center, the American College Testing Institute, and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Assessment Test Center.

One important facet of the website is a free website called MindShift Exam Prep. The site offers real-time assessments to help students answer real questions on the website. Students can even text each other question questions from their test prep; it’s a great way to connect with other students.

[Want to extend the impact of your test prep even further? Consider investing in video training!]

We’ve compiled the recommended test-prep videos that you can watch below. For more information on MindShift, visit www.braintraffic.com.

10. Stress Control Test Preparation (July 2015)

10. Student Testing Class (January 2015)

9. Test-Prepping for One Exam (April 2015)

8. Test-Prepping for Your SAT and/or AP Exams (February 2015)

7. Measurement, Assessment, and Methods in Test Preparation (January 2015)

6. Applying for Test Prep (January 2015)

5. Testing and Learning Assessment (February 2015)

4. Tests and Test Prep for Undergraduate Grad School (March 2015)

3. “Getting Prepared for Tests” (May 2015)

2. The Let’s Get Test Prep on the Web (February 2015)

1. Advanced Test Prep and Extra Testing Tips (January 2015)

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