Could Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose be the Keys to Motivating Students?

Could Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose be the Keys to Motivating Students?

Could Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose be the Keys to Motivating Students?

DUBLIN, Ireland, May 18, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Does the ability to get students motivated and engaged come down to knowing what students like and what sets them apart? Is it that many teachers in education do not know what students like or what motivates them? What it is that can be the keys to success in teaching students? Well, Linda Connolly from MindShift shared with us that it is getting to know students to be able to understand, motivate, and use what they like.

Linda Connolly told us, “Many educators today don’t know what motivates their students. What I found interesting was that research shows that what students like is not actually what motivates them the most. What students truly like are the activities they engage in that they feel ‘gets them through the day.’ It is not finding a particular skill; it is about being engaged in a group or in an activity where they feel that they are really on top of things. It is about being inspired and motivated to reach the final goal.”

It is important to understand what sets students apart from one another and what they like to do. To fully motivate students, educators must first see their students as a whole, not individuals. Teachers must find a way to support these skills as a whole in the lives of their students, and with that, children’s motivation is enabled.

Linda Connolly also said, “Leaders and business people value time and effort. When student performance is measured against certain goals, students deserve to be prepared for the information that is expected of them. By having a compelling purpose and the development of a team approach to encourage student teamwork, students understand the underlying motivations to achieve and develop.”

Time and effort in education provide the motivation for academic achievement and attainment. To address the challenges of education, mental health is important to educators. Yet, as a solution to improve student motivation, educators should focus on building self-esteem, self-esteem in their students. While most educators are aware of the challenges of parent-teacher conferences, gaining the right support for students might be more difficult. Here is why building self-esteem is key:

• Stress relief : Anxiety, stress, and lack of self-esteem negatively affect teachers’ psychological state and that affects what they say, and, conversely, what students can hear.

• Student engagement: A student who is happy and understood to the fullest extent is more likely to learn. Research has shown the importance of feelings of self-worth. In order to be truly effective, educators must focus on developing and reinforcing positive feelings in students. They must also engage students to learn as long as their motivation is aligned with their purpose.

• “Fast food” thinking : Here, I am advocating an “I’m going to come up with good ideas all day” approach to learning.

• Increased achievement: Encouraging students to think more clearly, and find their own ways to solve problems when they go to class.

Time and effort can be the keys to instilling teachers in the “bring it on” attitude of learning for students. To achieve that, positive, encouraging behavior must be instilled in educators and leaders alike. To develop and help students with the desire and desire to learn, educators must foster these positive feelings by making a difference in every aspect of their students’ lives. Encouraging students to be curious and look for new information all day every day is ultimately the aim of education.

About Linda Connolly:

Linda Connolly, CSI, is a skilled science educator. She is the Director of Education and Programs at MindShift, She is the author of three books with titles including “Math and Power: the Art of Science Education” and, most recently, “How to Teach Science in a Way That Raises High Achievement.” Her articles and other scholarly work have been featured on a variety of blogs and media outlets including the Huffington Post and The Atlantic.

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