Your Self-Esteem, Your Self-Truth, Your Self-Energy

Your Self-Esteem, Your Self-Truth, Your Self-Energy

Your Self-Esteem, Your Self-Truth, Your Self-Energy

So much internet research material has existed over the years, whether on Google or somewhere else. An individual must not only search the internet, but do so efficiently enough so as to realize that they can feel like they’re smarter than they really are.

Let’s face it; you can Google almost anything, and you probably know what is on there because you’ve already searched it, too. That doesn’t mean you’re actually smart; you just don’t know the reality of the situation.

When you Google an answer or ask someone questions that usually require answers, you go through an exhaustive process to get an answer to your question. This can be exhausting, because you not only have to compose and provide a specific answer, but you also have to go through the extra effort of getting an answer that you may have already thought of. So that still makes you feel like you’re smart, even though you may not be.

And what about other information that a person goes through such as taking classes? What if, for example, you chose a career in medicine and you decide to take online courses for that field? Perhaps your mind might disagree with the truth that you actually feel like you’re smarter than you are.

Of course, you still may find your mind to be a little more sensitive than it actually is, but your mind may be telling you the truth. So, it may be said that you “feel like” you are smarter than you are. This might have an effect of preventing you from revealing your real thoughts and feelings.

It can be said that you keep your feelings from everyone, whether or not you know it or not. Yet, you feel like you’re smarter than you really are.

For example, may we talk about the idea of protecting yourself from Internet trolls? You may feel like they have a kind of power over you, but the truth is that they have no power over you whatsoever. You just don’t want to reveal your truth to those that may have taken it upon themselves to damage you. And then, you feel like you’re standing strong in your truth, but your actual feelings are telling you that you’re not as powerful as you really are.

This may be the result of getting answers too quickly, too often, or everything in its place, or you’re simply not as insightful as you think you are, even if you think you are. So, you may have been downplaying something. Maybe you’re afraid to reveal yourself or your true feelings. You may even even believe that you’re the stronger one for having retracted the information, whereas you really aren’t.

Only by asking yourself hard questions will you figure out what’s up. And by asking hard questions, you can answer certain aspects of this article. Let’s think about your own words that you say about yourself, too. If you feel like you’re not as wise, as important, as important as you really are, or that you don’t deserve, it’s because you aren’t.

I ask you, is it ever more true to say that there is no such thing as feeling like you’re smarter than you are? Is it ever more true to say that you don’t like who you are in life?

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