School Violence In America: How to Keep Kids Safe

School Violence In America: How to Keep Kids Safe

School Violence In America: How to Keep Kids Safe

Many of us can recall instances where our hard work resulted in a tremendous payoff; from making our friends happy through multiple requests that made us laugh till our souls were bleeding, to writing a check that enabled a family member to pay their mortgage for the month. In these moments we were open to learning, and a teacher could help us uncover that creative energy to make the world a better place.

Yet, sadly we still remember a greater percentage of children who do not get this sort of emotional boost from their educators. In fact, a study conducted by The Education Trust found that an alarming 62 percent of teachers said that a student’s behavior in school can affect how well they are doing in life. According to U.S. National Educational Goals that state students should have a “high-quality education that prepares them for college or career” we are not seeing this when it comes to students.

The Outrageous Rate Of School Violence In America

In the realm of education, regardless of the subject, we seem to find that many children are not receiving the lessons that they need to succeed. There is a justified fear that our school systems are crumbling, and that children are being left behind. With the immense amount of high-profile school shootings across the country and many school districts scrambling to implement stricter gun laws, this fear is warranted. A total of 58 different public schools have now been inspected and rated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as “high-threat” in the state of Tennessee; they range from elementary schools to high schools to universities.

How To Intervene

With a modern camera in our pocket, with society being exposed to the news at every opportunity, it’s imperative that our children are equipped with the skills to accomplish their goals. Most importantly, they should have the sense of self-confidence to believe in themselves; it is only then that we can hope to stem the tide of violence.

It is impossible to completely eliminate school violence, but we can certainly address it by increasing educational opportunities that, as stated above, directly impact how well children are being taught. At MindShift, our belief is that creativity is in everything and that it is important to teach our children to think critically. This concept does not lead only to increased test scores, but an increase in creativity across all levels of all fields that will lead them to gain self-confidence and enable them to be taken seriously.

Albert Einstein’s wife had a saying: “It is a well-remembered quote, but it is necessary for us to remind ourselves: In order to do something well, we have to go out of our comfort zone.” We certainly feel this statement holds true in today’s world of constantly evolving technology and increasingly interconnected societies.

This should not be as difficult as we first thought; learning allows us to go out of our comfort zone and create new perspectives. Learning doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact, the more that it is, the more that it is worth learning and figuring out. Learning at every stage of development is also necessary in order to fully prepare a student for the future of how society works.

The importance of a two-way conversation in the classroom does not diminish just because of the lens in which you see them, but as a result it should be a strategy that can be employed between students and teachers alike.

This is not a journey that we can take on our own; and we must support our educators, who have been working with the very best students in the world for years. It must be something that they value and feel that they work on every day.

As Sir Ken Robinson’s words tell us, “Creativity is in everything, especially teaching.”

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