Podcasting and Your Passion for Anything you want to Share

Podcasting and Your Passion for Anything you want to Share

Podcasting and Your Passion for Anything you want to Share

I’m a mom. I listen to podcasts. I love them!

My 4 year old is also a budding podcaster. He shows up at the dinner table with a recorded play list that rocks our little neighborhood. I call his playlists “only-in-the-cloud” playlists, but there’s no nothin’ he can’t do online…school? teachers? bosses?

What’s cool about audio is that you are reminded you exist and the choices you’ve made. Podcasts remind us.

I talk to my son and he’s his own best marketer…he’s not afraid to share his ideas, thoughts and feelings. He even crosses over into the celebrity sphere on occasion and shares his thoughts and feelings about celebrities.

Frankly, he’s kind of embarrassing.

As a mom of a podcasting kid, my little narrator is also sharing in the experience of a publishing industry shift. Podcasts are enjoying all the buzz and the ad dollars that come with them. What’s interesting is that this shift is not about the death of TV or radio or, as I like to think of it, just a growing interest in listening to different things.

They are not replacing anything. Podcasts are the newest iterations of hearing about something you want to know about and hearing about it from someone who shared a personal perspective.

What’s important is that you share your passion with others.

This could be your favorite food, wine, authors, movies, musicians, actors, TV shows…there are so many things that will bring your head to your tote bag. If you want to start a podcast, just go for it.

Podcasts can be as personal or engaging or informative as you like. Almost anything that gets your attention is fair game for a small microphone and pen.

I like to think of these producers and storytellers as storytelling “superstars.” Big names like Jonathan Gruber, Christopher Farnsworth, Sarah Koenig and others. Their shows on various networks and stations are mega hits. They’re beloved, TV legends. And, it’s not just adult viewers. I just saw a survey which estimated that more teens listen to this content than to books, or sports, or talk shows or games.

They know the context and knowledge, and they share it with the world, more openly than ever before.

Talk about your passion…it gets people excited about it and involved. They care about what you know. They’re listening.

Make it yours.

Make it funny. Make it serious. Make it even embarrassingly outrageous if you have to. Just do it.

Post a show, let it grow and grow and grow. Rinse and repeat.

Now, I hope you know that I’m, hands down, a fan of traditional media. I love TV, radio, online, magazines, newspapers, live events and many other forms of media.

But, my sweet boy certainly is. He loves him some podcasts. (He’s not old enough to read them but, he’s old enough to use them!)

I would be interested to hear your thoughts. And, keep ’em coming. No matter where you are in your life or your career, any listen is a good listen. (And, don’t be shy about sharing the fact that you don’t listen.)

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