Maximizing the Value of Data in Small Business

Maximizing the Value of Data in Small Business

Maximizing the Value of Data in Small Business

Recipetips is a high quality producer of educational software for schools, organizations and businesses. Every day, millions of people use our software. Research shows that survey results are more accurate and personalized than the answers on a paper questionnaire. Our software is always changing. Our code is updated with new software every 24 hours. Our team of analysts is constantly monitoring new data and concerns for possible issues, so we can solve any problems quickly and effectively. One reason that we focus on data privacy is because our everyday lives depend on our ability to process and make sense of enormous volumes of data. We know that when data breaches and issues come up, there are usually errors in answering privacy questions.

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Policy is what you intend to tell consumers about what information you collect, how you use and store it, and what information you will give to others. Just as a security line of credit requires an explanation of what you’re doing with your information, your Privacy Policy outlines what you’re doing with your information. Privacy issues that could arise from your Privacy Policy include but are not limited to:

• Refusal to disclose personal information

• Data privacy restrictions

• Compliance issues

• Particular rules or guidelines for privacy

• Criteria for data deletion

• Other User Approvals

Collection of Personal Information

With each point of contact, you may collect personal information. Your Personal Information is all the information you collect about your customers and their history of purchasing and usage. For example, if you collect zip codes and have agreed with your insurer to aggregate ZIP codes, you may be collecting zip code and home addresses. Under this situation, a physical and electronic loss of one of your clients’ devices could mean that you lose access to a complete person’s history of purchasing history and other information. The issue of collecting identity information, such as Social Security Numbers, means that most victims of identity theft are not at all aware that they have had their information stolen and that this information could be provided to others.

Current and Future Collection of Personal Information

Losing a device is a real concern and always makes people concerned about security of information. However, it doesn’t always mean that you have lost access to every individual’s information. However, it might mean that you have lost access to individual’s insurance policies, travel plans and identity information, among other things. Your current and future policyholders could have authorized one of your agents to keep track of their information. But how easy would it be for the insurer to provide access to information about individuals?

Collection of Mobile Information

What happens if your tablet or smartphone is lost? The device can have information that you didn’t give to your carrier or mobile provider. Keeping track of such information is a challenge. Privacy issues arise when someone finds your device and downloads private files to your tablet or smartphone.

Protecting Data on Other Devices

Recipetips will always secure your data when it is on your computer, laptop or portable storage devices. A system installation process that allows safe erase of data on your personal device is an ideal safeguard.

How We Solve Data Privacy Issues

For more information on how we solve data privacy issues and for sample privacy policies, please check out this article from our website:…

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