I'm struggling to balance tech usage in the home, advice?

I’m struggling to balance tech usage in the home, advice?

I'm struggling to balance tech usage in the home, advice?

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Can you recommend some healthy and non-recessal, relaxing activities for parents/teachers to do on non-play-based days? Your daughter will be ready for summer when she is done with the school year!

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Let me first say, no. Screens are not entertaining, even on second screen.

No super cool downtime–unless you’re in “The Matrix” and all of the screens are underwater! Sure, there are some light, easy activities that are fun on a non-screen day. Physical activities like walking, running, riding a bike, even doing household chores work just fine. And if you’re doing much typing, emailing, etc. your child’s brain is putting out lots of heat, not so much cool cool needed for a healthy brain.

I’m not here to say that everyone needs to wear red socks and crank up the home stereo all day. I’m actually going to say the opposite. The more active your family is, the better. I take my kids and ask them what they want to do. For example, my daughter wants to do a horseback riding day, my son wants to do a cheerleading day. Then we get toys for one or both and we start talking about where they want to do that. I need to take my time picking the toys, and we need to really talk about the activities and get the kids engaged.

So if you want to do something on a non-screen day, don’t be surprised if you get bored and join in the nap.



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