MindShift Learning Provides Electronic Books in Classroom Technology

MindShift Learning Provides Electronic Books in Classroom Technology

MindShift Learning Provides Electronic Books in Classroom Technology


What if you could actually teach college-level science and math to high school students in the comfort of their own homes, without requiring textbooks?

That’s exactly what the technology-driven MindShift Learning has delivered by using Smartboards and Chromebooks to provide a high-speed interactive virtual learning experience based on customized courses designed and aligned to state standards. As students experience new concepts on the classroom screens, a variety of learning applications and activities take place on the Connected Learning Network (CLN), providing high-quality content that goes beyond the textbook.

With MindShift, students become proficient in the concepts they’re taught, and they get the support they need as their understanding improves. In addition, high school teachers can also access course materials, track student performance and individualize lessons using all the resources they need to deploy programs, grade tests and manage other administrative duties online.

“Teachers can quickly and easily schedule, schedule and develop courses that are aligned to state and national standards and the content they are actually teaching,” says Dan Manella, CEO of MindShift Learning. “This allows educators to focus on students and evaluate student achievement directly on the learning platform. In addition, they can track student progress so they know how their students are doing without losing all the important learning that occurs in the classroom.”

Since MindShift launched, more than 20,000 educational institutions throughout the U.S. have used the courses on the network, as well as some 250,000 individual courses. The applications include specialized topics for business, science, humanities, technical subjects, etc. Additionally, the applications include websites that serve as virtual classroom stations for students and teachers.

Access to any of the 400+ technologies on the CLN also allows instructors to take advantage of a variety of courses and services. Students can access proprietary and open-source applications to enhance learning. Like teachers, they can use online video to enhance classroom presentation. They can share images, videos and text documents to demonstrate new concepts. They can even add a three-dimensional image for their students to use for model learning.

“The CLN provides a comprehensive, real-time, connected learning environment that makes it easy for educators to support better instruction and encourage deeper understanding,” says Manella. “MindShift helps our educators make better classroom management decisions and remove significant barriers to teaching in a way that enhances classroom performance and supports student achievement.”

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