Learning to use Social Media Effectively: Making Citizenship an Important Learning Tool

Learning to use Social Media Effectively: Making Citizenship an Important Learning Tool

Learning to use Social Media Effectively: Making Citizenship an Important Learning Tool

Latinos are learning more and more every year on how to teach their kids with education and social media. Learning how to use social media effectively is more and more a necessity for Latino families and community members.

Latinos Learn from One Another to Enhance Their Vocabulary

Although Latinos in California are the fastest growing ethnic group, only 13 percent are college-educated. Latino parents are being the driving force behind their children’s education and help them to get a head start on the learning process.

Latinos use a variety of technology and educational resources to learn from one another, ensuring that their children are in the best of hands at all times.

You will also find the same level of dedication demonstrated at home in preschool, grade school, middle school, high school and college. The Latino literacy level is beginning to catch up with the American average, and education continues to be one of the main goals in the Latino community.

Latinos Are Studying Early Literacy and Language Development

In many Latino families, the middle-school years will be the time that children spend in school, where they begin to learn how to interact with peers and explore subjects in new and different ways.

For example, parents can encourage their children to create an account on Facebook and begin posting messages and pictures, which helps to build their vocabularies.

To prepare their children for these new experiences, Latino parents talk about the risks of using Facebook and talk about their roles as a parent and a role model. It is very important that these young children understand that these online activities are not the same as physical interaction.

These new online resources provide teenagers an opportunity to explore their new surroundings and understand the the world they are now entering.

Parents are Also Working on Perfecting Their Own Vocabularies

Parents who love their children and want to provide them with everything they need are also working hard on improving their vocabularies. Parents that understand Spanish could help their children improve their Spanish vocabulary and technical proficiency when they are in school.

Parents are working with their children to understand how to write different words in both languages, but they are also encouraged to continue the process as a part of their bilingual education experience.

As parents, we must always remain in good stewardship of the content and messages our children are exposed to. We must keep them on the right track and ensure that they are prepared for the future.

We understand how important it is to engage our youth. Instead of seeing education as something that is done for them, we want to know how we can make a difference. Latinos understand the value of children developing a love for learning. We know how important it is to introduce your children to the opportunity for them to learn, and to spread the information by searching for resources that are most important to our community.

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