What Your Kids Need to Know About Anxiety & the Brain

What Your Kids Need to Know About Anxiety & the Brain

What Your Kids Need to Know About Anxiety & the Brain

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Studies reveal a link between inattention and obesity.

Looking at a college kid on her laptop at midnight while the rest of her classroom is concentrating on discussing strategy and material taught in class? Well, the chances are slim, not to mention super-duper bad for a student’s health.

Enter MindShift, New York City’s professional coaching, cognitive behavior therapy and advanced tutoring institute, with a specialty in brain fitness: studying the impact that multitasking has on brain functioning and activating brain cells. MindShift offers an online system that can help your kids and grandkids.

MindShift is based in Manhattan and focused on companies and individuals whose workload significantly impacts cognitive function and productivity. The curriculum at MindShift is based on active coaching techniques, as opposed to merely advising.

“We offer this entire curriculum online,” MindShift founder Ellen Fox told WND. “In the area of mindfulness, mindfulness meditation is often directly correlated with positive cognitive performance. In other areas like stress management and creativity, MindShift focuses on developing a person’s capacity to handle their stress. All of this combined comes with MindShift.”

One of the services offered at MindShift is Brain Fitness, in which the mind is propelled to greater complexity. The training includes a wide variety of exercises, including:

Brain awareness exercises for children and seniors

Brain voice exercises

Collaborative thinking exercises

Fluid intelligence exercises

Brain exercise-to-practice check-in procedures

As a part of the training, participants receive a comprehensive report on their brain’s architecture and function. The combined results allow them to rapidly access relevant, actionable insights and recommendations to help improve their brain’s performance and overall functioning.

“MindShift is an established program that offers access to a significant amount of both coaching and training for a substantial monthly fee,” Fox said. “MindShift also offers a free guided meditation in every major area, including mindfulness.”

Once a training has been completed, the resulting data is analyzed by the MindShift team. Using the data in conjunction with the focus group feedback, participants are able to assess their progress and head in the right direction.

“Based on this analysis, MindShift utilizes the valuable learning and insights gathered to tailor more personalized training programs,” Fox said. “We like to create training programs that exceed the expectations of our clients. We take pride in getting you on the right track with your training.”

Fox shared that MindShift is also interested in helping individuals when it comes to surviving life’s daily struggles.

“When you are dealing with chronic conditions or short-term stressors, it is not only important to stay focused on the task at hand but also to stay engaged and stimulated,” Fox said. “When a person feels like they are not doing anything, and that they are falling into a disassociation mode, it is very hard to find the motivation to complete the task.”

Fox explained the mindset MindShift seeks to support.

“Our approach is fundamentally different from that of a drug or medical treatment,” Fox said. “As a coach, I want to help create a mood for engagement, motivated motivation, and a sense of success, so that the person can get back to work and learn to function better at it. MindShift is an integral part of helping individuals achieve that.”

What’s next for MindShift? And, more importantly, what is your experience with MindShift?

“We are excited about expanding our offering to wellness,” Fox said. “We are taking it to sports and activity levels as well as looking to expand MindShift’s coverage for families to give them access to effective, personalized, cost-effective programs.”

Fox added that MindShift will be performing research on the use of its technology to help improve brain health and well-being.

“Hopefully, I will be able to be even more forthcoming about our findings,” Fox said. “I’d be surprised if MindShift didn’t contribute to brain health.”

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