StoryCentral Conference 2015 – Invites Teachers to Share Their Story

StoryCentral Conference 2015 – Invites Teachers to Share Their Story

StoryCentral Conference 2015 – Invites Teachers to Share Their Story

By MindShift

“REDIFORMS TEACHERS” is the theme for this year’s StoryCentral conference, taking place on Feb. 13-14, 2015, at the Montezuma Balcony Hotel and Spa in San Francisco.

The Leadership Education Program, a non-profit, non-partisan organization providing excellence in professional development for educators and practitioners around the nation, is co-sponsoring the conference with MindShift. Education leaders will gather to discuss best practices in personalized learning, teacher development and staffing for larger class sizes.

Teachers are being asked to tell their story, to give hope to other teachers and to celebrate their success. The conference format combines breakout sessions and networking opportunities. Each session will feature teachers sharing their stories, and developing learning exercises to improve their teaching skills.

Each panelist will receive a notebook, and each panelist will write a story. The stories will be available to the public on line ( via a photo slide show. Images and descriptions of the stories will be available on the MindShift website.

An online article will be developed with links from the stories for educators and the general public. Teacher stories are already on line, and will be expanded to include stories from professional conference. The StoryCentral conference theme will help students at both StoryCentral 2015 and StoryCentral 2016.

LHP’s purpose is to provide effective, high-quality development opportunities and professional learning opportunities for educators. By facilitating professional learning, teachers and other education leaders work collaboratively toward professional excellence.

“We are excited to partner with Leadership Education Programs to offer our conference to the teachers on the front lines. They are the heart and soul of education – this is what draws schools to the profession and keeps them there. What’s the story they tell and how do we tell it? Our conference features great storytellers and a series of amazing workshops, providing teachers with tools to share with their peers. In a universe where teachers are almost always at the front of the classrooms, every teacher has a story to tell that they feel is relevant to their work. And everyone in the industry would love to have access to it,” said Tom DeWeese, the founder and president of LHP.

The conference has grown from around 30 participants in 2009 to 850 last year. This year it is expected to draw 1,500 educators from all over the U.S. The theme, “Redefining Teachers,” speaks to their ability to explain their practice in a way that allows the audience to question and dig deeper.

It comes to full-circle for DeWeese, who has spoken in front of audiences at senior leadership conferences before. “The stories are central to me. My life always centers around my kids and my wife, and what they believe in. Redefining teachers means reframing the narrative. If teachers, the people that make this country great, teach children to look at teachers as professionals and individuals, then we will be successful in their work. Teachers are individuals with valid experiences and voice on their own.”

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