MindShift™: Education Professionals Can Unlock Learning Potential with MindShift™

MindShift™: Education Professionals Can Unlock Learning Potential with MindShift™

MindShift™: Education Professionals Can Unlock Learning Potential with MindShift™

MindShift based in Fort Collins, Colorado is for not only teachers and students in school. With unified productivity, customized learning solutions, and expertise in expert training MindShift empowers learners to be their own teachers and learn wherever they are. MindShift of Colorado provides excellent training to teachers, students, parents, and administrators around the country to empower learners to enjoy a virtual classroom classroom, improve outcomes, and optimize performance. MindShift’s online operations enable teams to quickly access the help they need, as well as the greatest amount of information in an efficient, interactive manner.

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MindShift’s Practice for Delivery offers education industry professionals who are ready to unleash learning, the effective tools to help them achieve success with classroom management and data. Practice for Delivery is full of helpful information. When you receive your free MindShift Training, or purchase the product, you’ll learn the daily practices to engage, cultivate and develop students.

Practice for Delivery provides practical, easy-to-implement plans for daily improvements to engagement, skills, collaboration, and improved performance. MindShift’s expert trainers share practices for gaining momentum when facing challenges with students in school, and learning opportunities that lead to improvements. Students will learn how to develop valuable habits such as focused problem solving, incremental improvement, goal setting, and self-discipline. They’ll be supported in refining critical thinking skills in a productive and fun environment.

Participants learn to analyze problems they are struggling with and emerge with greater understanding of how to address them. It’s simple! Participants discover the teacherly skills they don’t use regularly. They will learn ways to supplement their learning, where possible, with virtual and online work, anything from reading, writing, and shooting video, to animation and simple design work. Using MindShift’s virtual classroom you’ll practice in a fun atmosphere that offers support, assistance, communication, and entertainment. It’s the perfect way to reach your goals for students!

e-learning has grown in popularity in the education industry and MindShift is in the forefront of it. Teachers have embraced e-learning as a way to help achieve their objectives. The process seems easy when you are in the classroom. But, when you are across the world, your face-to-face instruction often gets lost in translation. Time and manpower are limited when you have to do site visits, create lesson plans, create worksheets, spreadsheets, flyers, and index cards…and don’t forget cell phones. Teachers have learned that they should use communication to overcome those obstacles and find a way to more easily communicate with students at a distance.

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Plans include:

• Presentation of a session for all teachers/principals;

• Presentation of several sessions for visiting instructors;

• Presentation of the PowerPoint slide treatment;

• Presentation of technology presentation/process by product such as the Common Core Lab School, Virtual Robotics, e-modeling, e-ticketing and Order, learning templates, class content;

• Instruction on specific best practices for effective curriculum alignment;

• 15 completed Worksheets and index cards with 7 Engagement and 7 Goals and Success reports.

MindShift solutions: Teachers can share themselves with e-classroom attendees. And go to “Get in My Backpack” for e-books, including “Crafty Book Study” and “Big Brain For Students.”

For more information, visit www.myextensiontraining.com or call 877-521-1050.

For more information about MindShift™ in general, please visit www.mindshift.com.

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