Mindful Your Life: Having Self-Minded Behavior

Mindful Your Life: Having Self-Minded Behavior

Mindful Your Life: Having Self-Minded Behavior

Invest in self-knowledge and accountability. It’s possible to develop a greater depth of understanding of one’s own nature and thus achieve more grounded and self-aware behaviors.

Paul Schenker, a psychology professor at Arizona State University, says that cultivating mindfulness is a deliberate process that begins when we are young. By taking in appropriate experiences, we build the capacity to make good decisions and lead more contentedly through life.

When we naturally become impulsive and reactive, we often don’t benefit from intrinsic self-knowledge. We often take behaviors at face value without a context to establish whether they represent healthy or unselfish behavior.

Self-awareness requires that we rely on empirical evidence that shows whether certain behaviors are healthy or harmful, and what will cause us to react.

Likewise, individuals should be held accountable for decisions they make. We must establish accountability at different stages in our lives and decide which choices are worthy.

As you grow with an appreciation for one’s most basic instinctive needs such as physical safety, emotional connection, and connection to nature, these are two vital principles to build into the construction of your mindful life.

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