No-Tech Board Games That Teach Coding Skills to Young Children

No-Tech Board Games That Teach Coding Skills to Young Children

No-Tech Board Games That Teach Coding Skills to Young Children

No-Tech Board Games That Teach Coding Skills to Young Children by MindShift on Vimeo.

In this modern world of mobile, online, and social media, today’s children need strong digital skills in order to succeed in today’s world. And these skills can be learned through a unique game made for young children.

No-Tech Board Games that Teach Coding Skills to Young Children teaches children the basic coding concepts through a combination of art, storytelling, and engineering.

Through the game’s simple rules and design, children learn the basic building blocks of computer programming. Learn how to explore inside the infinite world of the games and then construct a fully-functional, real-world building program by pairing a no-tech board game and the OpenCyanode free developer environment, coding, and toaster plugs.

Learn how the games fit with a child’s strengths and interests. However, don’t worry. If your child chooses not to play the game, don’t worry, your child can always make it into a real-world, broken-down-how-to-make-pizza project.

Download the software here.


Question: How did this app come about?

If this was your mother, how would you describe the game design?

Have you ever done this, and if so, how did your parents feel about it?

How do the rules vary according to the board game or the game board?

Have you played it with a friend?

Have you seen the new movie, Happy Medium?

What’s the most challenging game in the software?

Hope you enjoy the video!

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