Work Smart – Work Harder, Beat the Odds

Work Smart – Work Harder, Beat the Odds

Work Smart – Work Harder, Beat the Odds

Now that school is out for the year, it’s probably time to think about the next year. And, to realize you have to work harder – and smarter – to do better. After all, there are plenty of ways to improve your chances of passing on your skills and abilities to the next generation.

Start each morning by doing two activities. First, write out the goals you’re trying to accomplish over the next few months. Then, read the goals out loud to yourself – using just your voice. Which is more effective, just repeat the goals aloud or having the words written out in front of you? Over time, you’ll get better at capturing the thoughts in your head. Once you know what you want to accomplish, practice and ultimately do it. By the end of the next month or so, you’ll think about all those goals and reach them. Remember to include the things you want to add to your resume and highlight the things you want to leave out. And then, at the end of the next month, list things you did well – including what new skills you picked up, new clients you won, etc. By year’s end, look back on all the good things you accomplished and you’ll be halfway to your goal of graduating high school. The reason school performance matters

There are three reasons why school performance matters. As adults, we often “take a leave of absence” from school to pursue careers. But we’ve never stopped studying – we’ve just moved on to another major and the job search begins. Yet, student performance affects everything else you’re working on. School performance directly affects how important a “career” is to you. If you fail to make it to college, you may well have given up on your dreams because it meant you couldn’t make a living at something. Additionally, college grades are the gateway to reaching a professional career. If you fail to get into college, you have little hope of getting into a career because your schooling didn’t prepare you to meet the career needs of the employer. Finally, if you give up and choose to work at home, it means you may have given up on yourself. You’ve quit doing what you love and didn’t expect to do until you graduated from high school. A simpler answer? “The result you seek is often the result you create.” Go back to school

If school is still too expensive to pursue but you want to have a better life for yourself, talk to your parents and ask what you can do to make the possibility of going back to school work. And don’t just look at online courses as a replacement for coursework you already have. There’s usually a level of credit you need for your classes. Don’t just go online and take classes online. If you were doing them online, why would you take them in person? Get outside and meet teachers face-to-face, and discuss your goals, goals, goals. Take courses where you’ll work with people in the classroom. After all, working with teachers in person will offer you a different experience from just doing homework online – and you’ll learn more about the subject as well. You want to know when to pursue college and university degrees, not only to succeed but also to stay ahead of the curve. In other words, college and university are useful tools, but they’re only useful tools if you do them. Take college to the work site

We all know that learning new things takes effort, not just years to master, but it can be done quickly. It’s important to have a college education, but you can still learn a lot as you work your way up. For example, you might take a business-related course, learn a trade or import some fundamental lessons – all of which can help you get ahead. And remember, you can do this at home. Learn new ways to improve yourself. Most employers are looking for someone who is responsible, hard-working and who can communicate well. High school has its own set of skills – a great network of friends, a long history of practical experience, and a willingness to get stuck in situations – all of which can help you make your way up the ranks of a company.

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