Together we want to empower and inspire others

Together we want to empower and inspire others

Together we want to empower and inspire others

In doing so, we are building upon our shared commitment to mission at MindShift to create spaces that nurture our collective ability to grow, grow together, and dream big, one discovery at a time.

The principal members of the SMART Project are collectively involved in so many causes, all with a common underlying theme of empowerment and inspiration. But what makes this group so different from the vast number of organizations that attempt to spark these same feelings in the hearts of others is their practice of fulfilling personal responsibility for as many causes as possible.

Such will be true again in 2015 when we celebrate one year of the SMART Project, and its physical manifestation. In this year, the incorporation of the minds behind the Muchma Kuniyoshi Center has made it possible for the group to carry the original mission of the SMART Project—simply to inspire those who come in contact with us to do something positive with their lives. This endeavor will be accomplished by a commitment to be part of something larger than themselves. It means that we plan to support yet another organization within the SELF Education Network. SMART follows the mantra “Do Good for Others.” Its leadership believes that the best way to engage others with their passions is to create an enriching environment for curiosity, literacy, and leadership development.

Not only will the members of the SMART Project join us at our celebration next week but we believe they will expand upon the resources we already provide to empower students through this community. Their expertise and dedication in mentoring can play a significant role in helping our students succeed. And by doing so, they will be encouraging and inspiring each other.

Likewise, as we endeavor to gather momentum for our collective vision, we will continue our practice of selecting the most deserving beneficiary of our efforts. For these purposes, we are requesting a committed civic group. Through our efforts, MindShift has had the opportunity to give back to a number of organizations in the community and we are hopeful that the end result will be a better life for some of our community’s most marginalized people.

We invite your thoughts and opinions in regard to this decision and please come share in the celebrations for our first year of the SMART Project at the Muchma Kuniyoshi Center on Wednesday, December 24th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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