Pay less to learn code and make more money

Pay less to learn code and make more money

Pay less to learn code and make more money

Have you ever had a dream where you were a Fortune 500 CEO but couldn’t get out of bed in the morning, couldn’t go out and get a cup of coffee or treat yourself to something delicious? Or maybe you’ve dreamed of being a trader, but you’ve been underwhelmed by the lack of options and your career growing stagnant?

What if I told you that there was a major way that you could go from being stuck to booming in your career—without years of work experience, without going back to school, without going through a traditional school—and without being tied down?

What if I told you that getting a “college degree” is a waste of time?

Computer science is booming in America and coding bootcamps are changing the direction of young technology workers everywhere. Career services firm CareerBuilder and 21st Century Computer Systems analyzed nearly 6 million employment postings in the computer technology industry across North America to see which skills employers are looking for on a global scale, and who they’re looking to hire. It’s heartening to see that one skill is consistently coming up among every occupation that CareerBuilder analyzes: programming.

“The tech sector is undergoing an intense and changing hiring process,” says Rod Pacheco, CareerBuilder’s Director of Workforce Analytics. “It’s in the interest of companies to hire the most skilled candidates, and that’s why it’s crucial to take notice of which new job skills are in high demand today and quickly provide those to candidates.”

Now, everyone—from high school students to college students to people still in the workforce—can get in on the coding boom. Skilled students can attend a training bootcamp that will teach them the skills necessary to get hired and advance their careers. Fast-track your career to six-figure salaries without attending college. Get the digital you wanted without the years of tedious experience.

Become a computer programmer in just a few weeks with the $500 he or she can save every month from attending a coding bootcamp. Learn more about Coding Bootcamps and save $500.

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