A 16 year old teenager talks about coding and employment

A 16 year old teenager talks about coding and employment

A 16 year old teenager talks about coding and employment

Many teenagers have claimed to have “cried at work”, and it is very common for us to want to work in a different field one day. But, how could we so easily find jobs when we did not even know what to do with our abilities? Nowadays, many teenagers have been trained to become proficient programmers, and it’s always important to stay up to date with the latest trends and technology. Why should we believe our 16 year old self, when she just knows how to play video games?

The basis of this topic was provided to us by one of our youngest clients. Her name is Ashley, and she is 16 years old, and currently a student at Geography College in Utah.

Ashley says that when she was younger, she would play games all day, every day, so it really suited her well as she learned the basics in programming. “Even though there weren’t a whole lot of games on the market at the time, I was already excited to learn about languages like Java, C#, and HTML.”

She explains that when she was younger, she was just playing these games without really thinking about the things she was learning. “I could just tell that these games would expand when I started to write them and use it to make myself a better person, and my world more awesome.”

From that, Ashley started developing websites from scratch. “I knew that my programming knowledge would be greatly appreciated at school so that’s where I focused my efforts.” Although this is the only job she’s ever held, Ashley has done well on her current endeavors, and although she may not be able to do as well as she used to, she has grown so much over the years.

“I’ve learned so much from studying, coding, writing, and being in the world of C#. What I’ve learned has completely shaped my character. I have learned to be kinder to myself, and to trust in my ability to do well in school, which can often be hard to do as a youth.”

We believe in that. And here’s why:

You don’t have to think like a computer to develop software, just like you don’t have to think like a teenager to play a video game.

You don’t have to be a teenager to be able to write programs.

But, you do have to know how to get programming skills!

You can also read about even more things that teens should know about coding in our online Gigs website!

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