Tutor Works with Principal to Teach Goals

Tutor Works with Principal to Teach Goals

Tutor Works with Principal to Teach Goals

“When I teach, I teach the goals I want to get students to think and work for. When I teach, I do my best to guide them towards learning what I want them to learn and giving them the tools they need to achieve what I want them to achieve. And so, I do not just want to provide them with information; I want to help them to realize their potential, become problem solvers, and eventually, create something new.” -Susan Maxwell

When Michael Hammond, Principal at Caldwell High School approached Susan Maxwell, teacher and President of MindShift Teachers, about helping him teach a section of his class, he wasn’t looking for coaching for a specific subject or to take students in for assessment purposes. He needed more assistance in helping students understand the goals for which his class was working. As teacher and owner of WHTK, which is more commonly known as Afterschool and Student Tutoring, Susan’s support for Michael’s class was as important as his support for any other student that she has worked with over the years.

The principal asked her to consider working with his class to give them a better understanding of his class and to help them to develop the skills that Michael and his students needed to achieve the goals for which they had been working. Susan’s coaching for the principal’s class helped him to be more in line with the goals he set for his class and it helped them be more aware of the need to learn the skills they needed to get the job done. This expanded the scope of information that Michael taught by going beyond just having a checklist, giving students additional information to build on the checklists and emphasizing how understanding the answers and identifying why they knew they knew what they knew would be useful in getting them ready for life.

Susan and the principal have worked together for a few months now and the students of the class have been eager to work with her and have been taking advantage of the resources that she provided.

“It is exciting to be able to share and help them build upon the knowledge that I have created within my classroom. But most importantly, it’s great to watch their eagerness as they start to recognize the kinds of questions they can ask. Seeing the progress that they are making on the log books, each of the workbooks, and each test they have in the class has been very exciting to watch.” – Susan Maxwell

Michael also appreciates Susan helping to go above and beyond his expectations of what he has provided in a grading period. With the grades that Susan has given him, he now knows that he can strive to not only improve his GPA but also that he can be held accountable for the skills that he gives his students. So, Michael now is able to not only meet the expectations of the administrators but he is able to build on it as well.

Susan’s coaching for Michael’s class has helped him to become more aware of the goals that he and his students set for themselves and to do a better job of reaching them. Now, Susan and her class are a valuable resource to the students as well as an extension of Michael’s office staff at the school. They continue to help them to achieve their potential by providing them with the tools and information they need to be more successful as adults and more importantly, be more self aware as they grow as individuals.

“Every lesson that we do in my classroom is about expanding the students’ perspective. When I speak about this, people start to worry that we’re using this as a manipulative tactic, but I want them to open up and think about how to design their life so that it makes them comfortable enough to be brave enough to take the risks that are required to grow. If I know that they’re coming to the class with their own sense of purpose and that they understand their goals, then I can teach that to them and have them reengage in whatever they are learning.” – Susan Maxwell

About MindShift Teachers

MindShift teachers, like Susan, are a supportive resource to all professional development groups in the community. Through a special relationship with MindShift’s parent company, Bravo Communications, the teachers are able to increase their status as an official member of group and introduce their work into district meetings, district policy discussions, academic meetings, and teachers conferences. The teachers’ engagement with students, parents, staff, and the community is an essential factor in making them more effective.

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