Our approach to the curriculum at Don Immanuel School

Our approach to the curriculum at Don Immanuel School

Our approach to the curriculum at Don Immanuel School

Don Immanuel School is an independent school that is a leader in faith, character and knowledge.

The school prides itself on its challenge-based educational model, where kids are regularly tested and challenged with real-world challenges as part of their school day.

It’s to get the most out of challenging kids that the school has formed partnerships with a series of unique service organizations. This includes sharing their kids and activities with the non-profit The Elders Network; hosting The Network’s summer camps; and using their school facilities to host community events, like community discussions, art sessions and extended school hours.

Of course, by working with groups such as The Elders Network and others, parents and students have an opportunity to have an impact not only on the organization, but on one another.

For example, we host the summer camps for Elderhostel to benefit the community. Elderhostel has worked for over 40 years to advance community awareness of the older adults’ role in our society by giving over 450,000 young people an opportunity to experience meaningful community engagement and that this can be done through educational travel, while the older adults can build their own networks and increase their individual and group social and emotional health. When the 35 students go through The Elders Network’s camp, they see a firsthand how they can make a difference in the world by challenging themselves and giving back to the community.

While the students view it as an opportunity for growth, those involved with The Elders Network see the same opportunity for learning and experience with The Elders Network as they do in the school. This partnership allows students to develop their appreciation for the roles that aging adults can play in society, to gain a deeper understanding of social media and how to work with others, and of course to see what it’s like to be trusted partners in learning.

And as an opportunity for growth, it also allows our parents and students to experience some of the most progressive activities of The Elders Network. That includes: a keynote speech given by Doug Kahn, who is currently the executive director of The Elders Network; a meeting with business leaders from an eclectic range of industries; a nutrition discussion with a doctor in the field; a health assessment with a physician; science and math in a math studio; a shared film night; and so much more.

This collaboration is one of the ways that the school continues to differentiate itself from other private schools in the region. Now, our students are experiencing this type of collaboration before college applications even start rolling in. And, hopefully, this collaboration will help them be better prepared for life beyond their education and in the years to come.

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