Modernizing the Classroom With Video

Modernizing the Classroom With Video

Modernizing the Classroom With Video

Recipetips asks students from different background to share their experiences

Welcome to The Benefits of Students Teaching Students: A unique group from four different different backgrounds share their views on how one way to train a new teacher or mentor is to instruct a class online.

Instruction through video teaches students about video and media development, and the students’ perspectives show which digital tools are valuable. Video standards make it easy to jump into a topic and get to it fast, and the curriculum models are reliable for grades 5 – 12. The educators interviewed often spoke about teaching programs through their websites, creating videos and doing a podcast.

This week’s lesson: Teach Your Way Around the World

Video is important in a world that demands rapid progress. How do you put it to use to instruct your students? Produce a one-hour documentary to bring video to the classroom. This lesson supplies a toolkit for teachers of any age to explore what it takes to create a powerful video course and capture real student experiences. Spend time writing out the topics you want to cover and talking to students about those topics. Listening to a story or video about the topics is a great way to start your project!


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