Welcome to our new blog and team.

Welcome to our new blog and team.

Welcome to our new blog and team.

Welcome to our “Fresh Perspective” blog and team.

On August 4, 2014, the Odyssey, the first of Odyssey Online’s new true-origins online games, launched with typical success. It was a top-five most anticipated game launch ever, and fans already had millions of points amassed to take them into a virtual dimension. Of course, when we launched the game, we knew that its true potential wouldn’t be realized until we met the challenges and challenges of monetizing the real-world world and making sure that the game succeeded financially.

We are already happy with our game, but our work isn’t done. We are continuing to embrace opportunities to expand the Odyssey across the borders of the web and to reimagine new skillsets. We are also building an optimistic strategy to transform the Odyssey, so that in our future worlds, no one will have to suffer boredom, stay stuck in a rut, or hit a wall.

The Journey Begins

Our key inspiration for the Odyssey game was the incomparable Akira Kurosawa film Rashomon, in which seemingly contradictory stories and accounts clashed over the most significant events in the Japanese drama. We wanted to replicate that paradigm in game design and ask the following questions:

What really happened in the day that the players just saw?

What does it mean to have witnessed and shared the events of a day in a specific era?

What is the best way to give players the chance to personally observe real events?

Where do players who have played through history’s greatest moments and events share common experiences and paths?

How might we give players the opportunity to discover the dimensions of their own story?

As we look ahead, we want to create an Odyssey game in which players, augmented by the full power of the web, witness their own storylines, view the world from their own points of view, and transform the narratives that surround them. Our goal is to build a world in which game players are able to offer vast retellings of history based on their own personal insight, experiences, and actions.

Changing Traditions

Change is the essence of any great narrative. The Odyssey story is no exception. Players of all ages, all walks of life, all socioeconomic backgrounds, experience it in their own unique ways. Yet this great story also carries a fundamental message: It is okay to look at life from different angles and examine it differently, without losing any of the fundamental human emotions or the heart of the tale.

This idea of recognizing our own narratives and changing them to fit a new perspective is central to the world we are creating and has been a driving force in our creative process from the beginning. As we have been continually inspired by real-world players on our forum as well as other platforms, we have iterated continuously on our strategy. We have had over 350 million participant hours of game play thus far, which demonstrates our passion for making the Odyssey a destination for new gamers to delight themselves with a rich and engaging world.

As with all creative endeavours, we have gone through several iterations and experiments to determine what user experience would create the most joy. The choice was clearly an important one.

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