StoryShare – simple media on the web!

StoryShare – simple media on the web!

StoryShare – simple media on the web!

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“Story – the essence of life. There is not just beauty in it, but connection and consciousness.” Shola Amen, Storyteller

In this age of crushing deadlines and more laptops in the classroom, it’s more important than ever to get your word processing done: “Don’t Share, Just Publish!” Get on the right email distribution list and copy out press releases for links, then save on paper to a bookmark. But what if there was a way to do that in mere minutes?

Storyteller Shola Amen is making sharing a skill – storytelling – fun, easy and affordable. Her Storyshare platform is an online tool that offers up a collection of short stories to show off your creativity (with a few paid extras thrown in for good measure).

Amen is a storyteller of many flavours, and this winter she’s working on a story series that will take her readers on a journey through the alphabet with “A” for Albert Einstein, “B” for Bill Gates, and “C” for God. (There’s already been an installment with “I” for Adam Smith.)

Though her approach to writing is brief and to the point, you won’t be bored or intimidated by the short stories she chooses to tell. Amen says, “Each story is so strong that you feel compelled to read more.”

The authors’ comments will be added by a website moderator in an editorial style that’s fun and free of input from adult readers.

StoryShare is an editorial website where human beings with smart ideas can take a crack at re-energizing the traditional marketing process and reap the benefits. Amen says, “The idea was to build a platform for young people to get engaged and get the power of self expression online and in their own communities.”

Use StoryShare to print out your press release, share it on social media, forward to classmates, boss, neighbours, etc., with a list of people who might be interested in hearing you speak. The speech becomes a prelude to the story itself and the story becomes a prelude to another story.

Storyshare offers text, email and smart phone options and the option to pay for a larger print edition, a CD, or even a vinyl record of your story. Consider it a digital love letter. Simply say, “It’s all part of the StoryShare experience.”

Let your company’s lead people know that their promotion materials are now ready to be shared. Link out from the web to some of the valuable teaching tools that are available online.

Use StoryShare to reach out to other aspiring storytellers and share your story with the community.

StoryShare is a revolutionary campaign tool for businesses to promote their products or services online and to raise their profiles among individual audiences. Share your story and now see how far it will travel.

Get started today by creating your own StoryShare page, then invite others to share their stories as well. Check out StoryShare’s educational “Launchpad Program” for more in-depth training on everything from how to send out a customized press release to start your marketing campaign.

Follow StoryShare on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, and start sharing your stories now! Your fingertips will thank you for it.

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