Chapter 3: Escape the 9-5 Matrix

Chapter 3: Escape the 9-5 Matrix

Chapter 3: Escape the 9-5 Matrix

Hello, newest subscriber, and welcome to The Ki Sung Cookbook Chapter 3: Escape the 9-5 Matrix

It has been exciting and strange and overwhelming for me this past year. It has been moving and shifting and challenging, but most importantly, it has been fun. I have been getting to explore many culinary points of view – time-tested recipes with fresh flavors and unusual tasting combinations and I am learning how to re-write those classic formulas. For instance, I could rewrite lasagna to be based on one of the five European countries, or hamburgers to use any ingredients that I find interesting and could have interesting regional touch-ups.

The last few chapters have been about my trip to the Middle East and learning more about Eastern flavors. I had recently read The Arab Food Cookbook by the talented Stewart and Lynda Resnick, so I was eager to share my experience with the culinary world there, and incorporate some of their history into my recipe profiles.

In chapter three of my cookbook, I welcome you to explore four key ideas and foods that you will always remember:

1. To aim your sights on a bigger goal – capture the imagination – start with a snapshot

2. To tap into curiosity – bring about a bout of excitement

3. To leave experiences with an emotional power – inspire

4. To find a bit of tenderness – abandon savor

In this next chapter, I will have some ideas for creating special occasions and special locations – both individually and group-wise. I’ll also tell you how to consider limited edition cakes for such celebrations and some ideas for hosting special events. From them, you will realize how important recipes are, and the need to commit to having them preserved for future use. There are so many ways to keep happy recipes going.

Though we often focus on traditional recipes, recipes are very personal and we need to incorporate all of our sensory aspects and particular personalities. New age designations have helped to break down the hierarchical world we have in the kitchen – innovations within each discipline have made the world even more global and unique. Please don’t believe in having the most complex recipe or the most expensive ingredients – think of it as an opportunity to express yourself through your food. In fact, in chapter three of the Ki Sung Cookbook, I have discovered many recipes that are quite lean and healthy. I will share some examples of lower calorie options that will also look beautiful.

And, lastly, in this final chapter, I will need you to help me extend the mission of my work.

You are in the company of some amazing contributors. Here are a few of them:

Julie Garland, Rosalyn Tang, Kayri Lewis

Dara Manzanita, Georgia Quint, Yasmine Kan and Jamie Cook

Tyler Despain, Nicole Grambs-Vitale, Larissa Rosen, Samuel Holmes, Joisritt Cheeng, Chomoso Ntolla, Fatima Denario-Smith and Ashley Dickson

You’re in good company, friends!

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