Where to use tech in the classroom best

Where to use tech in the classroom best

Where to use tech in the classroom best

With more use of technology, faculty and staff at more institutions have had to find ways to effectively use it in the classroom. But it’s not all about using technology for what it’s best suited for, however. Although some campuses value technology to teach students hands-on skills in areas such as multimedia, others adopt a multimedia approach that is more fiction-based.

The key is to discern how to integrate technology in the classroom and what type of education products work best for a particular campus and environment.

According to Beth Wood, president of Marketing Solutions , it’s easy to gauge what type of technology (and school support) to focus on based on what types of districts, schools, and states you’re in. For example, she says, understanding how districts have used technology to enhance classroom instruction will provide an insight into what works in a particular school.

Where do you think technology should be used best? Give us your opinion.

Once you have a sense of the best tech for your school, the next challenge will be to make it easier to use. Here are some characteristics to look for in customized classroom tech solutions.

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