Looking to Get Started? Here’s a video game for you!

Looking to Get Started? Here’s a video game for you!

Looking to Get Started? Here’s a video game for you!

A hands-on way to learn to code

Most people take to programming either directly through academia or in elementary school with a computer. In either case, a career in software development will help you get a head start on making something tangible and relevant for others.

Programming can be a skill to translate your outside interests to software design or game development.

In a world increasingly defined by the use of touch-based technology, a programming education helps you see the technical issues in a broader context. Interactive video games come equipped with hundreds of ways to represent a world that exists in your mind and store video information that a computer will accurately reproduce.

In addition to the more traditional uses, it also can be a great way to brush up on your programming skills.

Motivation and style:

If you are a student willing to learn in a supervised environment, Try one of these video games that allow you to flex your programming muscles.

Second Life

Appearing on Games for Change’s list of the top 10 most sustainable video games, Second Life allows you to live a virtual exist in a village called Carnival City. The game is an alternative to learning about programming and allows you to explore the world without needing to travel.


Developed by GoldieBlox, the gold and “ink” building set can be used to build robots and build out your own virtual world in which you can create things of value in order to help others. Anyone can play, as long as they have the computational ability to explore the world.

Video game development in itself is a great example of how the real world might come alive in something visual or online. A video game is fun because it allows you to feel a little closer to the way you want things to be.

The last generation is marked by the increased availability of hardware and software, but so is the continued rise of the internet. Game developers are actively turning to this new open-source set of tools to manipulate more of the computer in ways that no other industry has previously considered.

As coding becomes a routine skill for many people in the workforce, it allows that open source ecosystem to continue to grow.

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