10 Years: A Time for Scrutiny

10 Years: A Time for Scrutiny

In the next 10 years, reading may become a second language to millions of students across the country.


A new survey done by The Reading Institute found that in the next 10 years, one of the greatest challenges facing the reading profession will be “teaching more students in the science of reading.”

About nine in 10 teachers surveyed said they believed the lack of self-confidence or feelings of entitlement about the teaching profession has deterred children from attempting a math or science class.

Greater teacher awareness about how important reading is to the development of 21st century skills is critical. Across the board, we know the importance of these skills to an individual’s life. Even young children start to develop important cognitive skills like logical thinking and problem solving when they begin reading.

Just recently, brain and behavior researcher Dr. Douglas Appell released research that illustrates how effective reading is in challenging students to think.

He’s found that children who are challenged to learn from the start of school are significantly less likely to repeat a grade or drop out of school. Another important finding is that, over time, reading can improve students’ attention spans, memory and reaction time. In short, we already know reading boosts our thinking skills, but there are even more ways our reading is getting better at teaching us everyday life skills.


Technology is changing every day, and can be a huge tool for kids learning. “The joy of learning isn’t taught through textbooks or fancy lessons,” writes Amy Peremungas at YourSmartKid. “It’s lived in your imagination.”

So whether you’re a parent, teacher, entrepreneur or just looking for ways to help your business create an engaging experience for your customers, explore more with YourSmartKid.


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