Summer Camp and Being Outside: Help Your Kids Learn

Summer Camp and Being Outside: Help Your Kids Learn

Schools have to meet the demands of families and juggling classes, sports, homework, clubs, and extracurricular activities all throughout the day can be tiring. As the teen mind naturally switches focus from school to these other activities, it becomes difficult to keep up. This can lead to bad grades and even time away from school, which can derail teens’ ambitions and their lives. With a little flexibility, some children are able to stay on track and finish homework and enjoy their learning at the same time.

Counting Down the Minutes

Children who start school before 3 p.m. show marked improvement in self-control and learning, and their grades and performance tend to improve as well. This allows them to earn the remaining hours of their school day before going home to give themselves all the rest they need to make their time spent at school most beneficial. Everyone’s schedule is different, so there’s no right or wrong way to do it. You may need to adapt a few tactics, like no electronics during class, to ensure that your kids have their own time to themselves.

Encourage More Reading

Reading is a habit that helps young minds stay focused on the task at hand. In the school week, kids need to understand the concepts being taught so they can apply what they learn in subsequent classes and assignments. This lets them stay on task and gain a clear idea of what they need to achieve in the future. Reading for pleasure makes sense if reading alone doesn’t leave them wanting more. Encourage reading as a family, and your kids will be happier in school and in life.

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Reading for pleasure is all about literacy, and if your kid isn’t reading consistently, there’s a fair chance they’re deficient in this key skill. Reading for pleasure and even spending more time on reading for school keeps learning sharp and stimulating, and just improving reading proficiency in any age group is a worthwhile endeavor. You can get more ideas about improving one’s reading prowess at

Play Whatever at Its Best

You can expect a combination of physical activity and learning in school day, and your child won’t need to do any additional extra lessons to enjoy the best of both. Playing games, doing friendly competitions with friends, playing through challenges and doing general, “easy” activities make the school day much more pleasant. It’s very easy to tell your kids to do something other than learning, but allowing them to do whatever they want during recess and lunch allows them to have a nice break and relieve their concentration, which in turn allows them to better focus on the things they want to do over the next two hours.

Have them do activities that aren’t a direct assault on them, like playing hide and seek, making up games and being active. This will help them feel in control of themselves and help them break down rigid and rigid attitudes. It’s also a terrific way to distract themselves if they’re having a bad day or day where they seem to be failing.

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