Does Your Son or Daughter Have So Much Being In The Same Room As You Makes They Bored?

Does Your Son or Daughter Have So Much Being In The Same Room As You Makes They Bored?

Conversations with your kids these days often begin with how bored they are, and while you’re right to be concerned, the real answer is, they are only bored to get the sleep they need.

Parenting can be a thankless task. Kids don’t realize that you’re left holding the fort as they complain that their teachers are cruel and their friends aren’t nice. It can be hard to find a time to chat face-to-face because of all the time spent picking up the kids from school, running the nappies, and doing what they usually do.

As a parent, you’ve almost certainly heard the three Rs when it comes to talking to your kids, and while they’ve got to get to bed on time, or put out the fire, or be organised, they don’t have to be the happiest people. Well, maybe they have to be happy once in a while.

Yes, it’s possible to get them to pick up the phone and call your mates to see how they’re feeling, but it’s not a one-to-one one-to-one interaction with the teacher. How can they learn how to be friendly, and build their confidence, when they’re just too tired to even contemplate it? Well, they don’t need to make eye contact to know how to do it.

Take for example this educational piece, by for The Straight Dope to help create meaningful conversation with your kids at bedtime:

“It’s not time to get up, it’s time to talk. Get off the ball and just let the teacher do her job. Don’t say anything stupid, put it out of your mind, and just pretend you don’t see her.”

Slow looking is a skill that kids can use throughout their life. So not only do you help them develop empathy, but in the process you are making yourself a little less boring, as the middle ground is a nice one to move to.

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