Talking about Art and Life

Talking about Art and Life

Art makes us feel so many different things, and we know that there are some benefits to our artistic expression – like creativity and the ability to express our thoughts and feelings in a more focused, meaningful way. And sure, some of us do express ourselves through expression in other ways.

But as you can tell, making art gives us a variety of emotions that go beyond the usual expectation of seeing and hearing – it can take us out of ourselves, even if just for a moment.

You can tell this by reading this article. Believe it or not, making art was one of the first passions that I pursued. I made collages on walls as a kid, at home and in school, simply to celebrate the wonder and beauty in life. One moment I wanted to sculpt with my hands, the next, I was so focused on the project that I forgot to focus on anything but what I was working on. I have had moments where the smiling in the piece looks like I was just going about my everyday routine.

Even without the exact details of what the project was about, I can describe that moment as one that was all about the point of completion. Not the stages that I had worked through. And often, I wonder whether that point was really where I was at in life. That I was actually okay with having anything left to reach.

In any other sphere of your life, working through things that are new has the potential to be terrifying. You don’t want to get too serious about things that you may not be ready for, but you still want them to be effective.

If art helps us move past the stumbling blocks of our own personal life, then let’s hope that there are other areas of our lives where the same attitude can be used to create a win-win.

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